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Links for Week 17, 2019

How a world-class design agency organizes files
Alex shares their striaght-forward process to ensure everyone stays aligned. The Incoming and Outgoing folders are a great idea.

Implementing user insights: how to get started in a single morning
Lauren Pope breaks down a fast-tracked approach to integrating user centric thinking into any design process.

Highlighting stakeholder and leadership misalignment
Maxim (@round) shared one of his go-to stakeholder interview quesitons. I always ask for measure of success, but never thought about asking about their leadership's measure.

Workshop exercise: How would you make your company obsolte
Richard Banfield (@RMBanfield) shared a novel workshop exercise to get leadership thinking about growth:

Links for Week 1, 2018

How To Power Down And Find Your #JOMO Flow This Year
Pause. Disconnect. You’re not missing anything, you’re enjoying your life.

10 Product Management Articles You Should Have Read in 2017
Some good nuggets in here…

10 New Principles Of Good Design
Design is an ever-changing field. In a nod to Dieter Rams, Here’s a list of 10 skills designers should strive to have.

UX Research – A dedicated role, or a skill everyone develops? The answer: Yes.
Research can be a skill, or a dedicated role.

Leading Design Research can be a Full Time Job (or not)
At Nasdac, project or organization scale has created the need for dedicated researchers.