Links for Week 22, 2018

Questions to ask a struggling employee
14 great questions to use in your next 1-on-1 with a struggling employee (or anyone).

Kandinsky in Space
Fly through one of Kandinsky's paintings and experience it like never before.

Preventing burnout on your team
People drive culture...

Best performing problem solving teams
Cognitively divers and psychologically safe.

How to be be a great junior team member

  1. Ask lots of questions.
  2. Don’t fear mistakes, just admit them quickly.
  3. Don’t get attached to the results of your work.
  4. Be patient and understanding.
  5. Understand a big picture.

Great employees leaving great cultures
Great culture is more than saying '...we have a great culture.'.

Building a design driven culture
Understand the customer, build empathy in the organization, don't design in a vacuum, act quickly

Mosaiq—organizing research
Using Wordpress to share your team's design research.