Links for Week 3, 2018

Design Studios, When Done Well, Change Organizations For The Better
Well-facilitated design studios [workshops] also focus more on the problem, less on solutions.

How I Teach
Last week I said to read anything Jon Kolko publishes. This week, he published a new and free book. Go. Read. Now. This book is for anyone who works with other people, in any capacity.

Future of Design in Start-Ups
Nothing too surprising here. Designers are increasingly transitioning from the agency to the enterprise. Skills will follow suite.

Adele—Repository of Design Systems Design Systems are extremely helpful as teams scale. This repository is one of the best I’ve seen.

Laws of UX
Lovely single-purpose site; fun just to view.

Choose An Amazing Boss. Role Is Secondary. I’ve been fortunate to have a number of supportive bosses. However, there is a difference between a supportable boss and an Amazing (enabling) boss.