Fusing strategy, design, & technology, I help teams solve wicked problems

I’m a seasoned design leader, bringing a unique tech perspective to design, I’m well versed in helping engineering and industrial organizations amplify the impact of design in their business, products, and culture.


👔 Leader

Some of my best creations won’t be found in my portfolio, but rather standing on stages or leading amazing teams. I care deeply about my teams, and ensuring there’s a culture of openness and innovation.

📐 Designer

I love rolling up my sleeves, and getting elbow deep in stickies and pixels. As a hands-on designer, I have 14+ years of experience in crafting strategy and experiences for enterprises, industrials, non-profits, and governments.

📦 Innovator

I’ve built new products, won patents, and stood up enterprise-wide innovation labs. I have a proven track record of building repeatable, scaleable innovation programs, empowering company-wide participation.

Richard brings a unique skill set to his role as the global leader of UX for our organization. He not only has a strong strategic vision for his group, but he also has the ability to be hands-on tactically, whether it be for customer or internal-facing work.
— Chief Technology Officer, GE


I built an award-winning innovation lab in 9 months.

By merging business strategy and design thinking, I was able to validate new innovations earlier and increase our success-to-failure ratio across the business.

Upcoming Talk

I’ll be speaking about scaling & executing user experience design in an engineering-focused enterprise at UX Strat, June 17-19 in Amsterdam.

Featured Work

My work is created through a cross-functional, design-led creative process, blending industry insights with innovative design. I bring a unique tech perspective to design, helping teams and organizations solve difficult problems.


executing design at scale

Fusing strategic innovation, tactical design, and agile execution to scale user experience implementation in an engineering-dominated organization leveraging SAFe methodologies.


Innovation accelerator

The Innovation Accelerator vision was presented to business leaders in order to transform our approach to R&D. By merging business strategy and design thinking, we’re able to validate new innovations earlier and increase our success-to-failure ratio.


smart automotive terminal

Working with product leaders, engineers, and designers to build a common set of design assets and code. The resulting system enabled creators to more consistent products, faster. 

Richard has demonstrated over and over again his talent for new product innovation and organizational leadership. Richard was a relentless advocate for software product users and for applying innovation best practices to meet those needs.
— Director of Engineering, GE

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