Have an Opinion

Seth Godin says one of the greatest things you can do is run a blog because it forces you to have an opinon. Time and time again I see confirmation that having an opinion leads to better career opportunities.

You become the expert on a topic. Or the critic who can always find the fetal flaw in the plan, and having your blessing is the first step towards success. Or people want you at their conference or event to hear your opinions. You get the point...

Of course, having an opinion doesn’t mean you’re always right. People often ask ‘but what if I’m wrong?’. Well, then you’re wrong. Life goes on. Even better, someone who lays out the research and facts to why they’re changing their opinion is fantastic. It helps others to learn with you. It shows maturity, growth, and mindfulness.

Anyway you slice it, having an opinion is a good thing.

Point of view is worth 80 IQ points –Alan Kay

Sometimes it's hard to have an opinion. Opinions come from experience. From seeing successes and failures. From watching things fall apart from the inside. You wouldn't expect someone to have an opinion about a book they've never read, right? It's hard to form opinions without experiencing.

It means creating things, and more importantly, sharing them with the world. It means talking with other and deciding if you agree. It means trying new things. It means getting out of your comfort zone. It means learning how other fields can impact and influence your field. Forming opinions means having experiences.

Back to Seth’s advice; it’s no use in having opinions if you’re not sharing them. Whether it’s in meetings, on your blog, in conferences, or when mentoring. How will you learn if you don’t share and get feedback? Worse, how will others learn if you don’t share?

You’re already an expert in something. And you know a great deal about other things. Give back to the world and share your thoughts. We’re waiting.