I'm passionate about passion. What's driving our creativity? How can we get better? Creativity and business are the things I most enjoy studying and writing about. I love hearing about other's workflows and strategies for get the most out of our time.

Projects & Endeavors

Building Design Orgs

When I joined GE in 2012, I wanted to be a part of a great UX team. In 2015, I built that team for GE and established a design organization to support the entire business. This is still my top passion, refining our approach and abilities, while strengthening our team.

I've been keeping notes, jotting down thoughts and strategies about our successes (and failures!). I'm toying with the idea of spinning this into a book. Either way, it should be shared with the world soon.


I've been enamored with photography for some time; I'm trying to make more time for it.

Nonprofits Are (not) Easy


I love working with Nonprofits, and enjoy watching them succeed even more.  I've worked with a number of Nonprofits in the past, and each time I'm amazed at how much Design Thinking and strategic planning can enable an organization to thrive. I'd love to writing a book about some of the things I've learned...

If you're a Nonprofit looking for help, feel free to reach out.