Design Organization

Building a design organization from scratch can be challenging. It takes clear vision organization buy-in, and involves a lot of moving pieces.

Below are highlights of a few of those moving pieces—

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UX Org. Vision

I set a design-led strategic vision for the business and evangelized User Experience throughout the organization. This led to securing over $2.5mm in program funding to build a team of 12 UX professionals, which quickly grew to 25+ researchers, designers, and strategists.


UX Team & Process

As a team scales, it’s important to create a consistent experience for all our customers—internal and external alike. Mapping out a clear UX process provides clarity to how we work, and how other teams can integrate.


Career Development

A happy team is a growing team. I worked with my team to co-create a unique development plan framework for our design organization.This led to doubling team satisfaction numbers, and faster internal promotions.



I worked with local and global organizations to publicize our efforts, speak about some of the challenges and insights in our industries, and find strategic partners with similar interests.